a little programming history

I remember the first book I ever read on programming:

  • Publisher: Macmillan Digital Publishing (September, 1995)
  • ISBN: 1568302371

I was intent on programming and read this book twice. It was a little difficult to understand because I didn’t own a computer at the time. Eventually, I managed to get my hands on an Apple Macintosh 9800 and a copy of CodeWarrior. After that I quickly moved on to this book:

  • Publisher: Wiley Publishing; Book & CD edition (December 20, 1995)
  • ISBN: 1568843496

I’m not sure how many times I tried pushing my way through this book. It was very difficult because I was trying to build applications using the Mac Toolbox before I knew a programming language! I look back on myself and laugh. It was quite fun to deduce fundamental programming constructs in realtime.

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