adding FLEX_HOME and building as3-signals on a mac

Fire up a terminal:

  • cd ~/Library/SDKs
  • git clone

You can find the above url on the as3-signals homepage on github. My personal pref is to put 3rd party libraries under ~/Library/SDKs

If you look inside the as3-signals dir, there is a build.xml file which requires a FLEX_HOME variable to be set. So, I downloaded the Flex 4 SDK and dropped it under /Developer/SDKs/flex_sdk_4. In the terminal, we need to set the env variable FLEX_HOME. First, lets check if you have an existing one defined. In the shell, type

  • env

You should see a list of defined variables. If you need to remove an existing FLEX_HOME, you can do so by typing

  • export -n FLEX_HOME

Otherwise, you can add a new FLEX_HOME by typing:

  • FLEX_HOME=”/Developer/SDKs/flex_sdk_4″
  • export FLEX_HOME

If you type env again FLEX_HOME is now added to the list. Now we can build as3-signals.

  • cd ~/Library/SDKs/as3-signals/
  • ant

Ant looks for a build.xml by default. Upon a successful build you’ll find a .swc in the bin folder.

Note: Setting FLEX_HOME this way will only last for 1 terminal session. If you’d like a more permanent solution, see:¬†

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